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Friday, 17 April 2020

What is your favourite board game?

Over the last few weeks at home I have been playing lots of board games with my family.  We had an epic monopoly game last Friday (which after a promising start I  became  bankrupt in)  but this week has been all about 'Cluedo'  - a problem solving fun game which has quickly become our new family favourite. 

My girls are now 9 so we have moved on from the Junior monopoly to the traditional older game. This is a little darker, but far more challenging.  It requires concentration, problem solving skills, strategy and a good memory. A little bit of luck helps too!

What is your favourite board game and why? 

Leave  me a message to tell me all about it. 


  1. Monopoly is a favourite in our house, Billy usually thrashes us all at it, but I actually won him during the Easter break with majority of the properties all having hotels and oodles amount of cash! We also enjoy playing Game of Life, Battleships and card games. I've introduced scrabble to the boys too which they thoroughly enjoyed and helps with spelling and gets their brain thinking too. Albie has started to join in by throwing the dice and moving the counters for us although he does get bored quickly :-)

  2. I love scrabble but Annie and I have recently discovered Bananagrams which we love too

    1. My favourite game is Trivial Pursuit.

  3. I love The Witches which is inspired by Terry Pratchett's discworld series The Witch Sisters