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Friday, 3 April 2020

Easter Work

We suggest that over this 2 week Easter  period each child does the following :
  • Daily physical activity (keeping safe and follow social distancing guidelines)
  • Keeping  a journal (age appropriate). Taking photos of any games, tasks they do, writing a few sentences – paragraphs about their day etc.
  • Daily reading – solo reading,  being read to, reading to someone, audiobook,
  • Practising timetables (e.g. TT rockstars)
  • Visiting class and school blogs – adding comments to existing posts and accessing links to other recommended websites from the links on these pages.
  • Household chores and jobs
  • Enjoy some downtime and free play
  • Writes letter, makes calls, zoom/skype/facetime  etc. to friends and family members – virtual social contact is important for us all!

We will not be setting any further work over the 2week ‘Easter Holiday’, but of course you can continue to exhaust the home learning packs and previous homework menu if you wish.

After Easter/ from Monday 20th April  we will be then sending some further tasks out (likely to be on a  weekly basis) for children to complete at home.
Please note that during the Easter period I am advising staff to also have some quiet time with their families and loved ones (other than on duty in school, when we are opening for children of key /frontline workers).

 Therefore email correspondence  and blog posts may well not be responded to until 20th April.

Please keep safe. Best wishes to all of you and the children.
Kind regards
Jon Watson

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